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Elounda Beach Hôtel

Address Elounda Beach Hotel in Elounda,

situation of Hotel

Elounda Beach Hôtel

picture of Elounda BeachEstablished on the Mirabello Bay and majestically following the contours of the coast, seen from the sky the Elounda Beach hotel would look almost like a seashell lying on the water.

The first hotel built in Elounda, the Elounda Beach Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the region, where everything has been thought to the last detail, to ensure the best stay and make you a privileged customer.

picture Elounda Beach breakfast with viewCreated as a Cretan village, on an area of more than 77 000m² where the legendary olive tree of Crete dominates, with its small alleys, stone walls of the Lassithi region, its profusion of flowers with multiple colors, and the view on the irresistible blue of the sea and its beautiful light, we absolutely fell for the charm of this place, as soon as we have seen it.
You are under the spell of this little paradise, but is not one of the mottoes of the Elounda Beach Hotel "you heaven at sea level".
view Elounda Beach appartment CassandraThis few words alone are sufficient to describe the environment of this enchanting place.

But follow our steps and let us guide you ... the visit starts now ...

First, the accommodation : all were perfectly well thought out, proposing different typologies to be able to view Elounda Beach piscine appartment Cassandraadapt them according to your desires and your needs. Spacious and bright they all offer a haven of absolute relaxation, with a very pleasant environment, even for some ... heavenly!
From the Elounda and Imperial Spa Building, to the bungalows, or Premium Suites and Villas, to the Waterfront Dream Line, each concept can be considered unique by its creation, and has been designed so that you can feel as good as possible, with services which can be combined according to your needs.
picture Elounda Beach terrasse view merThe rooms show all their elegance thanks to the choice of materials, the delicate colors that dress them and the very great comfort. After all is this not where dreams begin ...
The living rooms, with large TV screen, are also well thought out to offer you the maximum ease. And the bathrooms are more than perfectly equipped.
For those who have chosen their accommodation in the Premium Suites and Villas, or the Waterfront Dream Line, you will have access from your terrace to your private heated pool, as well as direct access to the sea, at the edge of which you can find beach umbrella and deckchair. Perfect for those who wish to enjoy total privaci.    top page

Photo du Elounda Beach Royal villa   Photo du Elounda Beach grande villa avec vue mer  

picture of Elounda Beach the KafenionAs for the cuisine, 4 restaurants will delight the gourmet inside you, each offering a different food type.

The Kafenion is located in the heart of the "village" next to the charming chapel, on a small square that invites us to travel, but a culinary journey for lunch as well as for dinner.True Greek tavern, here the kitchen follows the codes of theCretan diet, even if theChef allows himself a few times to put a little of his imagination,picture Elounda Beach langoustines while respecting of course the tradition.But fantasy in the kitchen often gives way to beautiful things and those we have discovered in this very nice place have been very pleasant to our palate. So let the Chef continue to add his "grain of fantasy" in his kitchen, it thus awakens a Cretan cuisine already delicious, to make a delight.
The Dyonissos, not far from the Kafenion, is an elegant restaurant and has a rather refined cuisine that is only discovered for dinner. More cozy atmosphere, it offers a selection of Mediterranean picture du Elounda Beach porcdishes, with pleasant flavors of the south. An extremely competent sommelier can help you choose the wine that will be most suitable for your choice. Let him do for the pleasure and the assurance of a wonderful association.
Note that regularly typical Cretan evenings are organized with music and dance in a beautiful atmosphere.
The Argonaut, for its part, is a more casual restaurant which, open both for lunch and dinner, offers a cuisinewith Italian accents.Located near the nautical base, it allows you to enjoy the beautiful sea view.
Idyllic place to share a friendly moment with friends,picture du Elounda Beach sorbets family or simply one to one, the Argonaut is a pleasant place that you will appreciate both for its delicious cuisine whose aromas evoke the sun, as for its very nice setting, which invites you to a real culinary escape.
The Blue Lagoon by Mistura, is a bit surprise ... open only for dinner, it is located at thewater's edge and can boast of having two young talents in its kitchen who revisit the culinary art Japanese and Peruvian. Each plate is a festival ofcreativity, taste, it's deliciously scented and we literally love what makes the trip from our plate to our mouth. Again a sommelier can advise you with professionalism, let yourself be picture of Elounda Beach restaurant Blue Lagoonguided.
And beware of the one who is not greedy, because after a dinner at the Blue Lagoon he becomes one inevitably.    top page
The A.N.D lounge restaurant will be enjoyed by hookah lovers with its lounge in Shisha and local cuisine accentuated by modernity notes. No need to place your order, here 4 dishes are served every evening in apleasant place, where settled on comfortable sofas overlooking the pool you can enjoy your dinner in peace.

picture Elounda Beach restaurant DionysosNote, however, that if we have insisted a little on the fact of calling a sommelier, it is that the cellar of the Elounda Beach hotel has been rewarded with the distinction
"Best of Award of Excellence" by Wine Spectator magazine.
Their selection of 1,100 wine labels from all over Greece and the world, is one of their pride.

You can also find in the grounds of Elounda Beach hotel, several places to have a drink during the day or evening. All with their picture Elounda Beach a bathroom des villasparticularity: you can enjoy the Lito with piano bar at the reception, or the Neraida of the pool, the Beach with its bar and snack at the seaside, or in the evening the Veghera Jetty Bar, who like an island, is placed slightly on the water and prepares among other things delicious cocktails.

Another place that you will also love is the Artemis, your restaurant for breakfast. It opens onto the gardens and offers you the opportunity from the beginning of your day to please you with its sweet / salty buffet that can not disappoint anyone. This is the second good note of your start to the day.
And the first good note will you tell me? But it is the one of your lifting in front of the breathtaking view of Mirabello Bay, which alone is already an exceptional moment.    top page

Photo du Elounda Beach villas avec accès direct à la mer   Photo du Elounda Beach vue sur le Elounda Bay  

picture Elounda Beach espace lack of vitality ChenotAnd if you stay in the exceptional, why not try the Elounda Beach Hotel Spa too. Yes, but be careful, not just any Spa. Here we are talking about a Chenot Vitality Space.
Only inserted in luxury hotels and resorts, Espace Vitalité Chenot well-being spas offer personalized fitness programs.
With the Elounda Beach Hotel, Chenot has found the perfect environment. In a setting full of elegance and lack of vitality Elounda Beach
care space of SPA Chenottranquility, Espace Chenot offers a wide range of treatments.
Their philosophy is a harmony between body and mind.
Because the protocols of these treatments are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine associated with the medical sciences and the most advanced diagnostic techniques.
Here each therapist is highly qualified to be able to meet the needs and desires of each person to promote relaxation and regeneration.
If you try the experience you will immediately see that there is a before and after and this after is simply incredible.

care space Elounda Beach SunriseBut there are also other places to have fun at the Elounda Beach Hotel: mini golf, fitness center, 5 floodlit tennis courts, a volleyball court and a basketball court, you will even find a mini stadium of soccer. The joggers will be able to stay inside the hotel thanks to an area dedicated to them and of course there is the nautical center, the dive center and the private marina.
And then the seawater pool, of course, as well as the private white sand beach where beyond the beach picture Elounda Beach le Veghera bar et les villasumbrellas, you will have the opportunity to get away a little bit, if you prefer more tranquility and opt for sunbeds installed on the lawn in the shade of beautiful olive trees.    top page

We must give also a good note to the professional and competent staff, they are also for many in the success of such an address.

The Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis wrote:
"Throughout my life, my greatest benefactors have been my travels and my dreams"
And if for you it was simply the Elounda Beach Hotel?


Address :

Elounda Beach hotel

72053 Elounda

picture of Elounda Beach view généraleIsland of Crete, Greece

Tel. : 0030 28410 63000

Fax : 0030 28410 41373

E.mail : info@eloundabeach.gr

Website : www.eloundabeach.gr    top page

On the spot :
Wifi in all the area
picture Elounda Beach the baie and pool water of the seaLarge shaded parking
Clubcar with driver available to guests
A shopping area
Daycare for children, and babysitters service on request

Other possible activities:
Boat trips to Spinalonga Island and Agios Nikolaos,
Fishing trip,
Cruise at sunset
However do not hesitate to ask.

Special services on request:
Heliport and helicopter
Limousine service and car rental
Yacht rental
Private transfer and guided tours
Private Jet Service
Ability to come with his boat and book a villa with its mooring ring   top page

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