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Restaurant Marilena in Elounda

Address and Opening times to the restaurant Marilena Elounda

Restaurant Marilena à Elounda en Français

The Marilena RestaurantVery close of the small port colored of Elounda, you will find the Marilena restaurant. If our steps brought to us until him, it is because it is specialized in the Mezze, and because we wanted to test the place.

It is necessary to know that the mezze are a set of small delicious food, served in small dishes. You can choose the small mezze with 10 sorts, or the big mezze who present 25 different sorts, the whole served with some bread that it called pita. The ideal of this formula it is because it The Marilena Restaurant mezze coldallows you to taste everything and to familiarize you with the Cretan gastronomy. Anecdotally the tradition of the mezze would go back up at the time of the feasts of the antiquity.

And indeed, it is a real feast that the Marilena restaurant served to us. The nice staff laid us a table worthy of a banquet by giving us the instruction to take our time and to savor at The harbor of Eloundaour rhythm.

We saw then 25 delicacies, which turned out to be delicious, parade under our delighted eyes, the whole accompanied with a good Cretan wine.

The Marilena Restaurant hot mezzeAdmirable one symphony of colors and flavors which enchanted us, nicely presented in a big wicker basket.

It was a beautiful experience that we have pleasure to make you discover, and if one day your steps lead you until Elounda, do not hesitate to go there.

For information, to avoid the influx of the tourists at noon, it's better to go there in the evening. You can take advantage of the frame, which is very pleasant, and taste calmly this wide range of dish that proposes the formula of the mezze.    top page

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The Marilena Restaurant a roomAddress :

Marilena Restaurant



Tel : 0030 28410 41322

The Marilena Restaurant a large room for the groupsE.mail : info@marilenarestaurant.gr

Website : www.marilenarestaurant.gr

Opening times :

12:00 - 23:00

April to October

Large room that can accommodate groups up to 300 people (or small groups)
a parking for coaches is located right in front of the restaurant.    top page

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