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map for acces Asterix park, map of Asterix park

the famous inverted coaster which will leave you weak at the knees
You won’t be the only one taken by surprise by this new type of attraction! At 40m up with your feet left dangling, let a 90km/h aerial adventure begin which will take your breath away.
This is how it all began:
After a short stay in Gaul where he met Asterix and Obelix*, Iris the magician returned to Egypt to build a temple to his glory! To add to his reputation, Iris created a brand new spell based on his hypnotic gaze which bewitched visitors, making them fly and whirl like frenzied birds… Abracadabra! Do you dare hold Iris’ stare?

The Cesar's challenge PARK

In a camp of drive near Rome, César worries : it cruelly misses secret agents for a very photo entree centre recrutement parc asterixspecial and very risky mission: to infiltrate the village of irreducible and to allow the imperial army to conquer this unsubdued ground. For the glory of Rome… It was without counting on the mischievous presence of our Gallic accomplices! The visitors of all the regions are thus encouraged to take part in the tests of recruitment to become “centurion of elite” in an special unit and to be likely thus to become a secret agent. Curriculum vitae required in order to infiltrate incognito the village of Astérix : to be courageous, valiant, combative and to successfully gain the 4 interactive challenges launched by César which will plunge the visitors in a new way in the middle of the data base!

The César's Challenge innovates on all the plans. This completely new attraction from its picture of cesar asterix parkhistory, its scenography, its duration (approximately 20 minutes) uses a modernity of point, at the technological level as artistic to offer as well to the irreducible visitors, the full one with feelings. Thus, for the first time, since the creation of the park, the visitors are plunged in the middle of the data base thus finding all humor specific to the universe of Astérix with the many characters emblematic including our 2 hero Astérix, Obélix, the César emperor and well of others…

The park Astérix, it' s many attractions, but also spectacles, in an funny environment . A true picture thermes asterix parkvoyage in the heart of The Gaule. In this park of 70 hectares, there are 6 sectors with Gaule and its of course village, but also it Via Antiqua, the Romain Empire, Greece Antique, Middle Ages and its craftsmen and finally Paris with a superb reconstitution of the streets at the XIXème century. Here what to satisfy the visitor and to make him go on a fabulous journey to the country of Astérix and his/her companions.

The TRANSDEMONIUM, the phantom train, to play to be made fear!!  with wizards and spirits malefic....
Alarming noises, accelerations  and inopportune brakings. In short will be free for you for great feelings!!

Click to enlarge ATTRACTIONS FOR ALL:

The Carrousel of César, with its marvellous and the most insane character wooden horses of Astérix. A magic horse-gear or little children and very very large children mix!
Spies of César, and their pedal vehicles with 5m top, the top of the Roman camp. Attention with the warnings before engaging you in the air route of espionage, any failed attempt and it is the lion's den Click to enlarge!!!
The Elis river, nice trotts in a superb vegetation, during which the visitor will cross some of the characters of "Greek mythology Astérix way". A good moment of relaxation.
The oxygénarium, it is a great descent out of giant buoys, along a gigantic toboggan. One clings, one shouts a little, much... and one comes out from it somewhat wet...
Road 7 and it left for a small turn in the funny ones jalopies. Attention, authorized only with the parents accompanied by their children, your licence car will not have any value here, only the licence child is accepted.
Romus et Rapidus or infernal descent on board buoys. Guaranteed cascades, geysers and swirls. Attention, there too that wets...
The hydre of Lerne, it is under the glance of a monster with 7 heads, ready to make you turn your in all the directions that you engage. Attention with the return on ground, that pitches a little!!!
Flight of Icare, ah! who did not dream a day to steal and approach the sun without burning the wings. Large an eight help us there, Click to enlargethanks to the funny ones of winged vehicles.
Large Splatch, that goes quickly and that wets much... falls final of 10m. Attention to the arrival and 2 good hours to dry... But that feelings!!.
Menhir express train, and yes, I bet that you never saw menhir floating... it is normal it has there only with the Astérix park that one can see that and in more testing them. Crowned idea of Gallic! The final fall, because falls it there is, is of 13m top. One has beautiful frights...
The cauldrons, it is for those which would like to taste the magic potion. Attention with the head because that turns in all the directions.
The trans' averne, it's a big eight for all the family, for laughing well together.
Click to enlarge The small storm, a sea unchained for small boats, purposely for the children. But dad and mom can accompany if they are not afraid!
The trace of the Hurrah, only for the amateurs of bobsleigh. Vertiginous diving on board a train on a track of 900m. The visitors seem much to appreciate this new attraction.
Epidemaïs cruising, it is very nice, a pretty voyage in boat at the village of Astérix and Obélix. It is calm, a beautiful visit and in more one crosses full characters there.


Click to enlargeThunder of Zeus, a Russian mountain, as you never saw some, of 30m top, under the glance of Zeus. We could not test, attraction was closed with the public this day there.
The galère, you here indeed in funny of galère... Roman, which describes 180° around its axis, if that says to you, go ahead, really guaranteed feelings!
The Trojan horse, but that there, I doubt that it left the imagination of Ulysses. It is necessary to have the well hung heart, because attention with turbulences in this nacelle which flies away with 12m top, goes down again and flies away again...
Click to enlargeGoudurix, as its name indicates it, the risk should be liked. With 75km/h and with 7 times the head in bottom, double-loop in premium! When it is finished, one does not know any more where one is...
The flying chairs which circle with 10m top, especially remain quite sitted. But one is quite content as one goes down again.


Click to enlarge The small train, for small voyage, little children.
The camp of petitbonum is a space plays which accomodates the children from 6 to 12 years.
The flotilla of the aces, so that the small ones can see the world top, on flying board "cuckoos" of the years 1900.
The small flying chairs, and yes, them have also there the right, just like the large ones but in much wiser.
Click to enlarge Small the drakkars, of the boats which slip nicely on water.
The forest of Druides, water cushion, swings and toboggans, of what to make here them happy.
The small tanks reactors, as its name indicates it those are bumper cars that for the small Gallic ones. What a chance!
The serpentine, it is their large minis eight. But the parents are accepted.


Click to enlarge One of the advantages of the Astérix park, those are its spectacles. Not obvious to do everything in the course of the day, we will thus start by speaking about those which we had the chance to see.
Theatre of Poséïdon, it is a spectacle of dolphins. Duration approximately 15mn. It is magic, like always with the dolphins, pretty numbers. A good moment.

Stars of the Empire, in the Roman arenas, a gigantic jump to behind find us in year 52 before JC, in the Emperor Crassus Matuvus. This arena which counts 1100 places present on 30mn numbers of acrobatics, magic, synchronized swimming all splendid and the final one in the form of air ballet leaves us a taste of regret at the time to leave the arenas. Attention not representation Monday.

Click to enlarge We did not have time unfortunately to attend the two other spectacles also presented which are:

Ten thousand years of magic with numbers of great illusion and effects special.
Insurance insane-laughter, insane Gallic adventure in which all the characters of the comic strip are brought together around the Assurancetourix Bard. No representation Friday.     top page

Go to the meeting of the potters, the blacksmith, the stone mason, the wood-carver or of the vitraillist. To admire their works, the ability of their hands, magic of their fingers. Possible purchases.

To Florence Daburon and Caroline Bisson for this pleasant visit and their invaluable councils.     top page


Click to enlarge Situation : 35km in the north of Paris
In car, special exit "Astérix Park", motorway of A1 north, Paris-Lille. You can to see the plan of access while clicking on this bond.
In metro/RER, B3 line. To go down to Roissy Charles de Gaulle, terminal 1. Then paying connection by bus at the road station of Roissy.
TGV, direct arrival in Roissy Charles de Gaulle.
Plane, airport Charles de Gaulle 2. Shuttle ADP is free between CDG1 and CDG2.
For the arrivals with Charles de Gaulle, direct connection to the park by Bus Mails Island of France (CIF) in road station of Roissy (paying). Departure all 30mn of 9h00 with 18h30. Return all 30mn starting from 9h30 until 19h00 or 20h00 according to days.

Carpark  6500 places:

Groups: Tarifs on request with: 0033 (0)3 44 62 34 34     top page

Information practices which can give pleasure with all the Parisian ones and with our foreign visitors: A direct shuttle is since last year installation at the beginning of the coach station of the carousel of Louvre

Free for the children of less than 3 years.

Calendar :

Tariff and info: www.parcasterix.fr

Schedules :
They are variable according to the period of the year and correspond to the closing of attractions and not of the parks where you will be able to still stroll.
10h00-18h00 or 9h30-19h00
Formulas 2 days with the park : including/understanding 2 days of visit + 1 night with the hotel + breakfast
(on the basis of 2 adult with 2 children).

Spectacles : It is advised to arrive 20mn before the beginning.
Attractions : To envisage a rain's clothe for certain attractions, that will avoid finishing soaked!
Restoration : Many fast-food and restaurants in the park. Each one will find its happiness there. Surface of spade screws outside the park.
Shop : Data bases of course, but also cuddly toys with the effigy of all the heroes of Astérix, pencils giant, etc... what to give pleasure with the children.
Hotel : only one hotel in the park LES TROIS HIBOUX***     top page


Parc astérix

BP 8

60128 Plailly

Téléphone: 03 44 62 31 31

Site web : www.parcasterix.fr      top page

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