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Visit the Castle of Ecouen (XVI st century)

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Return to text.Built by Anne de Montmorency and her wife Madeleine de Savoie, today splendid museum of the Renaissance.

Castle about which one speaks little and who however is worth the turning, so much by its aspect and its site on a hillock, from where we have a superb sight on the plains, which by its rich person collections that is shelters.


Return to text.While entering on the left, we are directly in the chapel of the castle where we can see a copy of the "Cene" to Léonard de Vinci, and while following the direction of the visit, we arrive in the room of weapons and as its name indicates it, in this room, exposed in windows, is a very beautiful collection of weapons of time of which swords, "arquebuses", scraping-knives, crossbows, armours, a terrifying sword for two hands and clamps to François Ist. Around, with the top of the windows, not to forget to admire enamel medallions. A painted chimney will be also discovered and we will have many times, at the time of our visit, the occasion to admire other as beautiful chimneys the ones as the others. The command of the visit then leads us towards the 1st floor.


Constable's apartment with 2 splendid painted chimneys and of the furniture of time, to note that the room and the anteroom its separated by a beam with a painted frieze.

Madeleine de Savoie's apartment where we discover a new chimney, pieces of furniture and tapestries. It's particulary necessary to note that of right-hand side while entering "Ste Anne and the child" which for the first time, one will use the red color (cochineal) imported of Mexico.

The room with chimney, beautiful parquet foor of 18th and an Italian mirror representing "Leda and the swan".

The tapestry's room or Psyche's Gallery there still 2 very beautiful chimneys, then a succession of tapestries recalling the story of King David and the beautiful Bethsabee :Return to text.

  • Transport of the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem
  • David and Joab, the head of his army
  • Preparation of the seat of the Rabba's town
  • Bethsabee into the palate
  • Urie, the husband of bethsabee sent to died by David
  • Bethsabee received at the court
  • Reproaches of Nathan with David on his control

We will recognize easily the principal protagonists, their names being woven on their clothing. To also note in this part, of the Roman busts of the 16th century.

Henri II 's apartment, it contains a small panelled cabinet which preserved its decoration and a tapestry to be see absolutely, representing "the virile age", of 16th, coming from Florence and which forms part of a composition of 10 parts controlled for Palazzo Vecchio, recalling the life of the man.

Room, we find there in fact, the continuation of the tapestries of the Psyche's Gallery,

  • David receives the badges of the overcome sovereign
  • David leaves to join his army
  • Joab gathers the spoils taken with Rabba

The last tapestry also shows the narrator closing again his book and which puts thus fine at the story of outgoing David. To return to us towards the large room, one will pass in front of a staircase of the "Court of Auditors" of 17th, which comes from the palate of the City's island in Paris, Return to text.with the armorial bearing of henri IV and Marie de Medicis.

Large room , imposing stone chimney, slate and marble of 16th, which by the choice of materials gives a pleasant set of colors. The current decoration of the part as for him is 19th (1851). One will also find there 3 tapestries of the 15 and 16th representative of the military scenes. In the center of the part, beautiful enamel paving stones of 16th carried out in Rouen (Normandy) and which in the beginning were in the Psyche's Gallery. And thus we find ourselves again with ground floor to finish our visit.


Apartment of Catherine de Medicis, only are to be see a carved chimney and a grid of fence of 16th coming from the church of Augerolles (Puy de Dôme).

Room of the sculptures, this room contains several windows which it's wise to announce and which we will thus quote starting from the input while starting with the left :

Wax and Leather, medallions of 16th

  • Return to text.Alabaster of 16th recalling the Christ's life
  • Wood, with trunks of 16th
  • Ivory 16 and 17th
  • Lead 16th
  • Boxwood 16th

and in the center, bronzes 15-16th

Ironwork's room with necessary to table, a knife of gardener of 16th, keys, locks, boxes and a huntsman'scase also 16th.

Room of the precision's instruments, time stopped in this room, which however wanted that at one time the time is counted, while following the windows, you will plunge in the mathematical universe of the compasses, squares, weights, astrolabes and in the time of the sundial, the watches and the clocks, in short the ideal place to go up time.

Gaillon's woodworks , this room gathers in fact, the remainders of the Gaillon's castle (Eure).

Kitchen, it contains 2 hearths and the remainders of the Eastern wing of the castle.

And returned to here us are with the starting point. Damage we will not be able to see the rooms joining together leathers of Scipion, the stained glasses of the castle, the embroideries of the arsenal, the apartment of the baths as well as the second floor, which to him open only the afternoon. Finally no very pactises because if like us, we come to visit the morning, we cannot see the second floor and if we come the afternoon, we cannot see the ground floor. Damage indeed, we are a little disappointed because in front of so much of wonders, we wanted to see some even more.


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