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Postigo Do Carvao Restaurant in Porto

Address and phone number to the Restaurant Postigo do Carvao in Porto

le Restaurant Postigo do Carvao à PortoIt is in the most ancient part of the city of Porto, quite meadows of quays and tourist atmosphere, that we can find Postigo Do Carvão, a typical restaurant where the Portuguese cooking is served with generosity.

From your entrance to the restaurant, you will be under the spell of this old cellar, reorganized tastefully. Here, we knew how to keep the authenticity of the place and the Room Restaurant Postigo do Carvao in Portoframe is really very nice.

Tables themselves, are already an invitation, with their plancha where the delicatessen of the country are nicely display. There is not more than to settle down and to begin to nibble while waiting the order.

salle du Restaurant Postigo do CarvaoThe carte proposes only Portuguese dishes as well as specialities of the house namely:

The cod with croutons of corn bread

Roasted Octopus

Restaurant Postigo do Carvao small place with chimeyRoast pork in sweet chestnuts.

The wine list is rather wide and varied, with a beautiful selection of local wines.

Every Fridays and Saturday evening, you have a musical atmosphere, it is better to reserve in advance if you want go at the end of the week.    top page


A glass of Porto will be offered in apéritif to every person coming from Itinerairesbis.com. And you will be lucky, because to the restaurant Postigo Do Carvão we serve you a white Porto from Fonseca, and it is delicious...

While recommending to www.itinerairesbis.com, the best reception will be reserved to you.


Postigo Do Carvao

Portuguese dishes in Restaurant Postigo do Carvao à Porto24/34 Fonte Taurina

4050-269 ( Ribeira) Porto

Phone : 00 ( 351 ) 222 004 539

Fax : 00 ( 351 ) 222 006 974

Web site : www.postigodocarvao.com

E.mail : postigodocarvao@gmail.com    top page

Opening hours and days :

Open everyday, all year

For the groups, it’s possible to have a lunch from Monday till Sunday, but on reservation.

Average price by person except drink, approximately 16/18 €.    top page

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