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The Museums of Torino:

The Palazzo Madama

Palazzo Reale

The museum of St Shroud

The museum Pietro Micca

The museum of Automobile

Résidence Royale de Veneria Reale

The museum National of cinéma

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Visit the town of TURIN…Torino

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Visit town of Turin, visit the museums of Turin (Torino)

Address of the Tourism office of Turin,

the passcard to visit Turin,  City Sightseeing Torino

the market of Turin, decorations in the streets for Christmas,

Eataly: all the gastronomy Italian, situation of Turin

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  Restaurant in Torino

You want to see other photographs of Turin? click here to see a diaporama

Visit Torino the panoramic viewRoutes with the meeting of the first capital of Italy

Why a city as Turin contain does treasures as many? Why a as rich inheritance for this city of Piemont as the Alps dominate and crown their immaculate mounts. Quite simply because Turin was capital in turn Kingdom of Savoy, capital of Italy and an important industrial pole. A city which since its foundation by the Visit Torino the balconnyRomans, does not cease moving to embellish itself, to innovate. A city attaching by its multiple facets. Turin a such courtesan plays of her atours and its assets to allure.

A city to be unquestionably discovered and which with the advantage of easily being able to visit itself on foot. We could retain the energetic word to speak about this accessible city, which knew to place at the Visit Torino the churchdisposal of each tourist the means of making knowledge with its history by the means of a passcard valid from 2 to 7 days and making it possible to discover Turin in an economic and practical way. Thanks to this sesame, museums, exposures, castles and other monuments will open their doors to you. You will obtain exemptions from payment or cheap rates that we invite you to discover in our heading “ to know” at the end of the text (or while clicking on the link).

Visit Torino the Palatina doorWe thus decide to go up time and we return to the medieval borough founded by Auguste. We are then in the center of Turin. Contrast amusing between this archaeological zone and its district recently and magnificiently rehabilitated. The famous market of Turin is precisely with some steps from there, Porta Palazzo. The largest market ofVisit Torino the big market Europe, 5ha with open sky, where produced of Piemont interfere themselves with the products with Africa and Asia. A mixture of scents which give to this market a savor of the end of the world. It should be noted that the market of Turin is open every morning and saturdays all the day. Not far, we advise you to make a small visit with the church Della Consolata where you will be able to see a very particular collection of ex-voto and which deserves really the glance. Just opposite, one of the famous coffees inhabitant of Turin Albicerin, going Visit Torino Sanctuario della consolaback to 1763, where you will be able to drink celebrates it drink inhabitant of Turin carried out containing coffee, chocolate and cream… hum… a treat. (avoid the schedules of exit of the mass, the coffee is very small and there is often multitude!). After that you will strongly feel attack to continue your visit towards Palazzo Reale by taking the direction of Duomo di San Giovanni which contains Holy Shroud. We advise you besides the visit of the museum of St Shroud which is in the crypt Visit Torino the St Shroudof the church of the same name and which tells the various research undertaken since XVIeme century. Impassioning. A little far from the historical center, the museum of St Shroud, will help you with better including this Holy Relic and all research which is referred to it. Its visit is purely enthralling. After a history by video which is followed such, an police investigation, with enigmas and bounces, you will visit the church built into 1732 which preserves a copy in fabric of 4,10 m length flax, by 1,40m of width and which would have been used to wrap the Visit Torino the cathedralbody of Christ after her Deposition. Then the museum reveals you stage by stage the advance of this research and the history of this shroud through time. One shows there the first photographs of 1898 then 1931, those which revealed for the first time the negative one and the positive one. It is told that the photo hobbyist of the time, fell to the shift in front of what was revealed under its eyes. You will see there also the trunk of 1578 which a long time, protected this invaluable treasure from flax and cotton, just as of many drawings the representative at the time of religious holidays. Research with carbon-14 proved that the origin of St Shroud was well Palestine, on the other hand the date seems to pose more problems because research of theVisit Torino a private palazzo time was not made starting from the fabrics reality. Indeed, during long years, the relic was presented to faithful by the priests who held it with end of arm. With time one realized that the hands, stains, sweats, etc. damaged the fabric enormously. One then decided to sew a new piece of fabric there on the top which would be used to seize Holy Shroud at the time of the representations. It is this piece of fabric which was used for the expertises from where a dating more recent than envisaged. To have a reliable expertise, it would be necessary to take a piece of fabric in fullVisit Torino the Assemblée Plazza heart of Holy Shroud and that, nobody wants it. The relic passed from hands in hands and country in country. The writings of the various times make of them all mentions, which facilitated the reconstitution of its course of Jerusalem with Edesse, while passing by Constantinople then Cyprus and Athens until its arrival to France, in Lirey in a rich person family of the name of Charny and its sale later, with the family of Savoy in 1453. It remained then a long time in Chambéry then was transferred to Turin in 1578. The questions will be hustled then in your head, but you will be happy to be come and this moment, believe will remain to us engraved forever in your memory. Web site of the museum of Holy Shroud. See the address for the Holy Shroud's museum      top of the page

Visit Torino the Palazzo RealeWe thus arrive on the place of Palazzo Reale, where the palate will jump you forcing to the eyes, but it east can be Piazza Castello very with dimensioned, which would steal almost the high-speed motorboat to him because it is encircled by beautiful buildings showing thus that Turin is also the capital of the Baroque. Dominating the place, the Madam Palate with the characteristic to have kept the vestiges of the castle of the Middle Ages, contrasts of most astonishing but the unit is carried out in order to make the building harmonious, a beautiful challenge for the time and very a great success.
See the address for the Palazzo Reale    top of the page

Palazzo Madama
The Palazzo Madama in Torino by nightThe Palazzo Madama is situated on Piazza Castello. Its beautiful baroque facade shows the greatness of this building created on a still visible Roman base today.
For a complete visit it is thus recommended to visit the Roman foundations and to continue up to the summit of the building to appreciate completely the The Palazzo Madama roman foundationsPalazzo Madama. You can so see according to your ascent the part which goes back to the Middle Ages and which knew how to be intelligently insert into the baroque part.
4 parts compose the visit: the basement and the roman time, the ground floor The Palazzo Madama in Torino the monumental stairwhich keeps most elements of the XVth century with a collection going of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, but also a garden the origin of which would go back up in 1402. Then you will take the magnificent monumental stair to reach a first floor where the baroque is for the honor with a painting gallery and especially magnificent furniture signed Prinotto and The Palazzo Madama in Torino the painting galleryPiffetti, you can also see the elegant veranda with its view on Piazza Castello. When you will reach the second floor you will discover a collection of decorative arts including all the periods with among others details of silversmith's trades, ceramic, ivories.
The visit ends with the tower, height of 30m, and its panoramic view of Turin. The Palazzo Madama in Torino the reception roomBut beyond a palace, you should not forget that Palazzo Madama is before any the museum of Piedmont and that it is the reason why you can also admire works and rooms resulting from all the region and so to get acquainted with Piedmontese artists.
Mixing by force of circumstance several periods and several styles, Palazzo Madama tells all the history of Piedmont making of this palace / museum a place of important for Turin and the visit is advised. See the address for the Palazzo Madama

Visit Torino Piazza San CarloWhile continuing towards Piazza San Carlo you will be able to let yourselves try by a coffee or an icecream, and benefit from it to enter one of the old coffees of the city, Turin being par excellence, the city of the historical coffees. You will then make aVisit Torino the Antonelliana'Mole dive in the XIXeme century. Gildings, paintings, stuccos, will charm you. Take seat in one of these places which are a whole history and where characters such as Dumas or Nietzche took seat. But also Ava Gardner, James Stewart or Brigitte Bardot to quote only them. Places become almost mythical today. And it east can be because dreamers, around a coffee, and thinking of beautiful Ava, you will then let yourselves guide towards the national museum of the cinema in the middle of a building inhabitant of Turin, become emblem of the city, we want to speak about the Visit Torino old barAntonelliana Mole: 167,5m top, a panoramic elevator almost leading you to the sky and offering to you a sight to 360º on the city, the Alps and the hills. There the museum of the cinema found a place and a framework out of the commun run, moreover the concept is interesting, the ludic visit, one is not bored only one moment. It also should be specified that each year, in November, a festival of film is organized in Turin. The city becomes then, for a few days, capital of the cinema.
See the address for the Nazional cinema's museum
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Museum Pietro Micca

To visit this interesting museum it is necessary to go in a part of Turin where the tourist seems absent and who is nevertheless not far from the historic center. Visit Torino the Pietro Micca MuseumThis small museum promises a fascinating and very enriching visit because it tells an episode of the history of Turin and especially it plunges you into bowels of the earth, because the basement of the city was the witness of numerous events as that told in this museum.
It is in fact on the place of the siege and the battle of Turin in 1706 against French. The Pietro Micca museum is installed on the galleries which were dug to be able to reach the enemy and tells the tragic story of a patriot of Pietro Micca's name.
To understand well the visit it is necessary to know that Turin was a fortified city surrounded with an outer wall and inside there had a citadel.
When they were besieged by French, the people of Turin decide to defend itself, and Visit Torino the Pietro Micca Museum showroomdig galleries to go of the other side of the fortifications where is the enemy camp . So that today there are more of 14km of galleries which are under your feet when you are inside the museum. But only 9km are visible.
The visit thus tells the story of this siege and leads you in the maze of these galleries. You plunge at the heart of the event and of the Pietro Micca's heroic gesture.
But rather than to tell you the story of this Piedmontese hero, we prefer to let you discover it by going to visit this museum. Not only it will allow you to go out of the historic center but you will learn on a piece of history and the consequences of which will be very important for Europe of the XVIIIth century.
See the address for the Pietro Micca's museum    top of the page

The automobile museum

Visit Torino the Automobile Museum We had known the old museum and looked forward to seeing the new. Situated on the same location it is more bigger and more modern.
Collections are fabulous and the visit follows a playful and chronological route. You learn the history of the automobile through cars which make dream. The science and the technique are present everywhere in the museum showing Visit Torino the Automobile Museum old carthe evolution of a machine become almost essential today.
The memories wake up then in each of us. Who did not know such or such model, who did not dream to drive this kind of racing car, who would not like to make a tour in one of the prestigious cars exposed.
The museum of the automobile of Turin it is all this:Visit Torino the Automobile Museum the Fiat 500 the dream, memories and the history of a knowledge.
A big epic understanding 200 original cars of 80 different marks, going first steam cars of 1769 to the most recent models.
If we are nostalgic of the former museum which had its charm, we have to recognize that this renovation is a success all the same and that by her directions it seduces proposing an interesting, funny and fascinating visit.Opening days, times and prices

 See the address for the Automobile's museum   top of the page

Visit Torino a ancien barSomewhat full, we would let ourselves well try by a new coffee or to change a good chocolate. No sin of greediness to see it inside, only pleasure of reinstalling itself inside an elegant coffee inhabitant of Turin, while waiting for that the night takes seat and that Turin shows us another image, that of a city which in each end of the year, of November to semi January, Visit Torino bar traditionnalbecomes magic while getting dressed with lights somewhat surprising. Indeed Turin is also capital Contemporary art and for this reason receives each year of works different exposed in the streets from the city: astonishing, poetic, or diverting, these works of a great originality are as jewels whose Turin would be dress and who make this period of the year one almost ideal moment to benefit from the city by combining the illuminations, the festival of the cinema and shopping right before Christmas for example…Visit Torino the Automobile Fiat Museum in the Lingotto

Turin is a city which offers opportunities so much that it should well be devoted to it 5 days if one wants to see the maximum of thing and we speak only about the historical center, because the capital of Piemont has still much thing to reveal since we engage front. Thus, Lingotto, old factory FIAT, which was transformed in an Visit Torino the Automobile Fiat Museumincredible way: we find there an immense commercial arcade, hotels, a center of congress and the Agnelli art gallery. On the last floor, you will be able to still see the 1km, test track FIAT more than, you will also have a sight on the famous Olympic arch, because the Olympic village of 2006 was located in a contiguous zone at Lingotto.
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Visit Torino the EatalyJust opposite Lingotto, Eataly, the first department store/laboratory, dedicated to the Italian gastronomy of high-quality. This last having taken seat in the old Carpano factory which produced Vermouth, to say as much that the place does not miss interest. 10 000 m2 devoted to the restoration and the products of the soil, 8 restaurants, 2 coffees. A place which would seem almost unreal. Here, you do not only buy, you test, you study. Visit Torino the Eataly salaisonsTo eat becomes a pleasure, Eataly it is a lesson of taste, a lesson of eating well where you find forgotten directions and where the word greediness takes all its savor!

You will let yourselves guide by your thirst to discover and learn, you will be surprised, admiringVisit Torino the Eataly'restaurants, it is as if we were in a museum living of the gastronomy. But the place is not single any more since cities like Bologna or Milan have their Eataly and apart from the country, Japan with Tokyo. Cheer in Italy for the concept! website Eataly: click on the link    top of the page

And as we ate well, let us leave to do a little exercise and return on Turin in order to make beautiful strolls in the parco del Valentino which extends along Po. 550 000m2 which make older park of the city,Visit Torino the Eataly's truffes a great oxygen puff. You will be able to also return to you, since the place of it is not very distant, to the medieval borough. Vestige of an Italian and artistic exposure of 1884, it reproduces buildings Piedmontese of XVe century. And even if it means to remain in the greenery, why not return to us on the hills. top of the page

Visit Torino medieval boroughAt once known as made at once, us here are left again the city in direction of the hill inhabitant of Turin and the Basilica of Superga which dominates it. We arrive there at fallen the night, not that the distance was long, but we have so much thing to discover that we do not see time to pass! And finally the place at this time there of the day is very sympathetic nerve because we benefit thus from splendid lying from sun on the Alps which face us.    top of the page

Visit Torino the funtain's of saisonsWe said that time passes… oh quickly that yes! It is necessary for us already to set out again and it remained us so much to see…. Thus to finish our visit, we go to the Royal Residence of Veneria Reale D-open since October 2007 and after a 10 years restoration. We immediately liked.Visit Torino the Veneria Reale This residence of hunting wanted by Charles Emmanuel II at the end of the XVIIe century goes to the wire of time to evolve to become splendid Royal Residence. About fifty rooms which offer a beautiful outline of the life at that time. Some in particular profited from a scenographyVisit Torino the Veneria Reale House installation by Peter Greenaway and who plunges us in the XVII and XVIIIe century. It is amusing and ludic, a true success and an original way “to furnish” such a place.

We announced higher than Turin was the capital of the Contemporary art, if you like, it will have then to be walked along Spina Centrale to admire there works of Mario Merz, Per Kirkeby and besides Giuseppe Penone, this route will carry out you to the Olympic village of 2006 and the stage.

Visit Torino Veneria Reale contemporary artThe gardens of the Palate of Veneria are them also an open-air theater where works mix skilfully with the historical framework. And obviously, if you are sensitive to this art, a visit with the Castle of Rivoli is essential. Works are strange in turn, provocantes, some shocking times, with advising only with the amateurs. The city as is strewn with these installations of outdoor, as a specific course will enable you to discover.
See the address for the Veneria Reale
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Goodbye Turin and with soon, we have still so much thing to see….

Thanks to the tourist office of Turin and Paola Musolino which has to us allowed this discovery, without forgetting Pierfranco Viano, our excellent guide.

Other photographs of : Turin, historical coffees, of Eataly, of illuminations, of Veneria Reale

Visit Torino the Lingotto archTO KNOW

Addresses of the offices of the tourime in Turin:

Piazza Castello/via Garibaldi
(lun-dim 9h00-19h00)

Gare ferroviaire de Porta Nuova
(lun-dim 9h30-19h00)

Visit Torino the castello del Valentino Aéroport international de Caselle
(lun-dim 8h00-23h00)

Call Center +39.011.535181(lun-dim 9h30-21h30)

Fax +39.011.530070    top of the page

Visit Torino chocolate barE.mail :

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Concerning the passcard

One can also benefit from “City Sightseeing Torino” a panoramic bus on two floors discovered, to admire the miles facets of the city. The complete visit lasts approximately 1 hour and is commented on using a system digital audio programmed in 6 languages. The races take place the every day at every hour and the ticket is valid 24 hours: go down and go up in the bus with any stop. For more informations : information

Visit Torino the sculpture artEvery Saturday morning you may choose among three walking itineraries, not to miss anything of Turin.
For more informations: walking itineraries    
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Palazzo Madama
Piazza Castello
Tel : 0039 011 44 33 501

Website :

Pietro Micca's Museum
via Guicciardini 7
Visit Torino Palazzo Madama roman fondationTurin
Tel : 0039 011 54 63 17

E.mail :

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Automobile's Museum
Corso Unità d'Italia 40
Tel : 0039 011 677 666/7/8

E.mail :

Website :

Museum of St Shroud
Visite de Turin
28 Via San Domenico


Open to 8h00 and 12h00 and 15h00 to 19h00 every days.

The Palazzo Reale
Open to 8h00 at 12h00 and 15h00 at 19h00 all days.    top of the page
For the events and other museum :

Attention some times as for the Palazzo Reale, the visits are guided and only in Italian
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Visite de Turin lilluminations pour les fêtes de noëlThe Venaria Reale
piazza della Repubblica 4 - Venaria Reale
Infos et réservations: tel. +39 011 4992333 -


Website :

Nazionale Cinema's Museum
Fondazione Maria Adriana Prolo
Via Montebello, 20
10124 Torino
Website :     top of the page

Situation :

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Cathedral (Duomo) :

Open to 9h00 at 12h00 and 15h00 at 19h00. To be correctly dress.    top of the page

In theory the museums are free for less than 18 years and the most 65 years. Half-fare between 18 and 25 years. But to check

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