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Department of Rethymno, south coast

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Legends of Agia Galini,

Aghia galini today, useful phone numbers

Informations about the city of Aghia Galini

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Just a little history

Visit agia Galini the portBuilt on the ancient Minoan city of Soulia it was the ancient port of the city of Sivritou (current Amari Trône). It was known to be a place of worship dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Vestiges of the ancient Soulia are still visible in the church of the village, when this one is opened, what is not regrettably still the case.

Important commercial harbour, it will remain prosperous until 640 AD when Sarrazins destroy the city.

Visit agia Galini the port and the cityThe place will become again prosperous under the Venetian occupation, which will make again of Soulia an important port, which will turn out then very useful during the revolutions against the Turkish of 1821 then 1866, when the natural harbour of Agia Galini will be used to unload ammunitions.

However, the village was really created only in 1884 and in a commercial purpose. Indeed, the zone being very agricultural, the culture of the olive is going to become important and warehouses are going to be born there, the natural harbour serving then to load the olive oil.     top of page


Visit agia Galini the portTwo legends are attached to the village of Agia Galini. At first, Daedalus and Icare. Daedalus, suspected of complicity after Theseus penetrated into the famous labyrinth to kill the minotaur, finds himself chased by Minos, the king of Knossos. He finds refuge with his son in a cave to Agia Galini. It is from there that Daedalus made the famous wings, which had to help them to escape from Crete. The continuation of the story everybody knows it ! On the rock of which they took their flight are now two statues the representatives.

The second legend is the one that will give its name to the village. Eudoxie, Roman princess, girl of the emperor of Visit agia Galini legend of Daedalus and IcareWest Valentinien III, made road towards Carthage where she was exiled after the sacking of Rome in 455. A storm got up so violent as the princess became afraid and asked to the crew to approach the ground to shelter there. She asked to the Virgin to calm streams and to protect them, in exchange for what she would build a church in her honour. The beach where they tied up being protected from the wind, the ship was under cover and Eudoxie made, as betrothed, build a church that took the name of Panagia Agia Galini «the Virgin of the peace ". This small Byzantine church is now visible in the cemetery of the village.     top of page

However, we also think that the name can come of «ai» and «galini» which means «port always quiet».

Agia Galini today

Visit agia Galini the fishermen sale of spiny lobstersThe arrival to this fishermen's small traditional village is a delight. Built in side of mountain, in the shade of the Mount Psiloritis, it dominates the sea of Libya and makes in front of the bay of Messara.

Today small sea resort, the place is simple and warm as the inhabitants. Make small very flowery alleys, where spread out shops and typical taverns, we take pleasure to cross all its colored lanes which come down towards the port.

Visit Agia Galini alleys and restaurantsHere the sea and the mountain are gathered. If the first offer a numerous beaches with crystalline waters, second offer beautiful landscapes, and the nearness of the village with the archaeological sites of Phaïstos, Agia Triada or Gortyn, allows the visitors a multitude of activities. Furthermore, the village is not very remote from main cities as Rethymno or Heraklion where from it is very easy to come or to go by car.

Between hikes, beach or cultural visits, each will find happiness in this little piece of heaven.

The charm acts, and when the moment came to leave this adorable village we do not leave it without meaning to return there one day.     top of page


Visit Agia Galini, flowery village bougainvillaeasYou need more informations about the city of Aghia Galini, contact: info@itinerairesbis.com     top of page

Main distances:

Rethymno, 51km approximately 1:10 am by car

To visit Agia Galini the fishermen clean netsHeraklion, 76km approximately 2 hours of car

Chania, 107km approximately 2:15 am by car     top of page

Rent a car:

The rent a car is very easily in Crete, here a link to help you www.itinerairesbis.com/rent-a-car     top of page

Useful phone numbers in Rethymno:

Police: 100

To visit Agia Galini the beach of KommosTourist Police: +30 28310 28156

Rethymno hospital: +30 28310 27814-9

Aéroport Héraklion: +30 2810 228402

ANEK Lines (Souda) +30 28310 29846

Minoan Lines (Heraklion) +30 28310 22941     top of page

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