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Tavern Meterizi Kefalas Between Rethymno and Xania
(close the monday)

address Meterizi tavern

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Live music tavern Meterizi in Kefalas (only on friday night) see extract

picture Meterizi Tavern KefalasAt the time of your stay in Crete, if you circulate between Rethymno and Xania, benefit from your circuit to stop in Kefalas, a very beautiful Cretan village.

At the Meterizi tavern, you will be able to have a meal typically Cretan. (A car park is at your disposal)

picture Meterizi Tavern Kefalas tzatzikiThe majority of the products come from the neighbourhoods or the proper production of the owner.

Thee olive oil, the wine and certain days the meats and vegetables will come directly from the farm. As much to say that to eat healthy and natural, it’s the best.

picture Meterizi Tavern Kefalas LambThe meal proposed is with local receipts and products of season. Manolis, the “Owner” will be charmed and proud to serve this cook.

In a pleasant framework, the tavern Meterizi will propose a simple and tasty kitchen to you while respecting a true knowledge to make and by keeping its traditional spirit.

picture Meterizi Tavern Kefalas sausageYou will not be disappointed when you see arriving on your table all these dishes at the bright colours, smelling of the sun. You will like to taste all and you will appreciate each dish for his flavour or its originality. You will discover how the grasses and the aromatics of the island accompany with wonder these succulent food.

picture Meterizi Tavern Kefalas souvlakiYou will not hesitate, but only by sin of greediness obviously, to bite into a good piece of bread on which you will have made run this delicious olive oil, true treasure of benefit.

At the end of the meal, you will have a right to a small flask of Raki accompanied by a dessert !!, and the whole for a very moderate sum count approximately 10 to 15 euros per person (average costs).     top of page

You must know that in Crete, the menus are not display outside the restaurants. However, we know this Meterizi Tavern, it’s good and we can ensure you an excellent quality/price

Good appetite!

While recommending to www.itinerairesbis.com, the best reception will be reserved to you

picture Meterizi Tavern Kefalas RakiTO KNOW

Address :

Taverna Meterizi (on the top of the small supermarket INKA)

73008 Kefalas

Telephone : 0030 28250 22666     top of page

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