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Some pictures of the carnival

informations about the carnival of Rethymno

Restaurants et Taverne Crétoise à Rethymnon et kefalas

Click to enlargeThe most important Carnival of Greece it's the Carnival of Rethymno, in Crete. This tradition which continue here in an easy- going atmosphere, without claim no, just the pleasure of amusing and of having fun.

Click to enlargeThe Carnival falls in February or in March according to the date on which Easter is announced. The festivities and animations are thus over several days, and last Sunday it is the large parade which encloses this Carnival. The day before at the Click to enlarge

evening animation is large around the town hall of Rethymno. Each one leaves dressed up and mixes with crowd. The music beat time, everyone starts to dance. The bursts of laughter and the accodances are numerous, when one discovers under a mask or funny's disguise, a friend or a member of his family come to tease you in crowd. Environment is cordial and lets predict a Carnival certainly sympathetic.

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Indeed, the following day the multitude is even more important than the day before. Much left the barbecues on the pavements, and the good odor of grills comes to tickle your nostrils. From there, you cross funny characters mild nutters the ones that the others. During a time you seem even plunged in another universe. The music finishes by you also taking, you who until there Click to enlargewalked of a quiet step, your step starts to change until making you a dancer in the middle of the others, you are a place in crowd, and wait patiently until the large parade starts.


Then suddenly, the colors flood the street, the confetti rain, the whistles Click to enlargeare given some to heart joy and the tanks with the various topics, come to greet crowd. Live the Carnival !

We will not quote the various tanks which ravelled, the subjects varying Click to enlargeevery year, but we invite you to discover the photographs and our diaporama, which will give you an good idea of environment and this Carnival.

Where we are astonished, it's to see a security service present but Click to enlargediscrete. Crowd is extremely disciplined, one can have fun in the respect of the other, it is so rare that deserves to be underlined.

Click to enlargeIt should be noted that the following day is bank holiday. It is Monday which marks the beginning of the Lent, this 40 days period of fast before Easter. This day is devoted to the family, who go to have a picnic and to fly a kite, and the sky of the cretan countryside gets dressed in its turn with thousand colors.

Our thanks to Manolis Chliaoutakis for his information which was to us of a great help!

You need more informations about the carnival of Rethymno, contact: info@itinerairesbis.com

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