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Guest House 'Hôtel Verhaegen' in Gand
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Verhaegen Hotel

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Maison d'Hôtes Hôtel Verhaegen en Français

Never address has been so well known as the Guest House Hôtel Verhaegen in Ghent.
The praise from visitors and the international press, written and televised abound, and they are amply justified.

Born in the Age of Enlightenment, this splendid building of the eighteenth century had the potential to become a great address.
And it is because art lovers and patrons were turn after turn the owners of this building, that it has become over time an exceptional address on which the time didn't have impact, leaving all its authenticity and charm.

Indeed, when you arrive in Ghent, the first historical monument that guests visit is often nothing but the "Hôtel Verhaegen 'itself. Listed as historical monument (buildings, interiors and even the garden), it already gives a taste of the little gems of architecture and art that you can find in Ghent

A house full of character and history with its Chinese salon from the XVIIIth century, with its original Chien Lung Chinese wallpaper, beautiful panellings and period ceilings, the superb turquoise dining room, with its original paintings by Pierre Norbert van Reysschoot, or the beautiful furniture of the XVIIth and XVIIIth century, alongside the contemporary creations of current owners, interior designers, Jan Rosseel and Marc Vergauwe, or from Ado Châle, Christian Astuguevieille ...

You can also discover a collection of ancient art from China (Han and Tang periods) and a collection of contemporary art signed by Yves Klein, Ettore Spaletti, Alexander Calder, Anselm Reyle, Pieter Vermeersch, Adam Fuss ...
Not to mention the lovely French parterre garden wit box hedges around a central basin with fountain, from René Péchère.

The rooms where warm materials are next to a design full of creativity, have each their style. With their bathrooms in rare marble, it is a real sensation of luxury and with well-being that embraces you.    Top page

The hyper refined breakfast is served in the dining room .... Starched linen tablecloth, antique silver, Limoges, Murano glass, organic products, homemade jams and yogurt ... a delicious moment in a gorgeous setting, with the turquoise wood panelling with gold carved detailing, set with the original canvases of the hand of P.N van Reysschoot

But its location also makes it a favourite place in Ghent. Situated in the old town, the Guest House Hôtel Verhaegen ' is just a step from the historic centre of Ghent, of the Quai aux Herbes, the famous museum of contemporary art S.M.A.K ., the Museum of Fine Arts and all the architectural marvels of Ghent.
In the close neighbourhood you will also find numerous quality restaurants, which will allow you to get acquainted with a Flemish cuisine full of inventiveness.

And if the welcome is warm, remember to enjoy the care and advice for places not to be missed with Peter, PA, a historian who fell in love, him too, of the "Hôtel Verhaegen" and of this beautiful city .

Nothing is left at random in The Guest House ' Hôtel Verhaegen ', everything is made to guarantee you an excellent and unforgettable stay, for your greatest pleasure, since … this house is as you: unique.    Top page

While recommending you of, the best reception will be reserved to you.


Guest House 'Hotel Verhaegen' in Ghent

Oude Houtlei 110

9000 Gand


Tel.: 0032 9 265 07 65

Fax: 0032 9 221 69 69

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