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2 weeks to discover the secrets of the Pharaons...

For our first week, we will choose the option " cruising on the Nile ", with discovered mysteries of last time and we will sail thus between arid desert and thousand-year-old vestiges...

Our descent of the Nile will begin in Louxor and will lead us to Assouan, the boat is of good category and the personnel of a great kindness, all the meals will be taken on Louxor, Karnac Esna Edfou Kom ombo Assouan Temple d' Abou Simbel Le Caire Karnac, Louxor board.

For the visits, to be as much in form:

survey 7h00

breakfast 7h30

departure in the coach 8h00

visit under 45° (in the shade) with an infinite patience to follow the accounts of a guide which tells you anything, thinking that we all are of the ignares! damage it will have been really the only difficulty of the trip.

water consumption: approximately 3 liters per anybody

return to lunch on the boat with 13h00.

then and sails the boat more 6h00 to make the nap failing to bronze under a blazing sun (consumption of bronzing cream?, according to the type of skin we will say, but envisage in nevertheless a stock). To envisage cross words and books! because 6h00 it is L O N G!

The evening, possibility of leaving to make a turn in the city where we are able to spend the night or to benefit well from animations of the boat. Our profited from animation FRAM not badly of the whole.


It is of course the vast of site of Karnak, frame close to the old one Thèbes. It is necessary to take time Click on the label for the great picture.to walk through its immense columns, the size of the places shows us the importance of this place at its time. Ideal place to make its first beautiful photographs. Begin the visit by the alley with the sphinx and thus to the input of the temple where still remains the twin obelisk with that which we have place of the Concorde in Paris. To enter then in this places really magic and to try to rebuild this large puzzle.

Go thus to the crowned lake. There you will discover one scarabé, the Scarabe'legend (clik on the lien for discover the légend ) wants that the women make of it the turn 7 times before making wishes... mine was not carried out!

Not to forget that Louxor it is also the valley of the kings, with these 2 colossi of Memnon which accomodate you Click on the label for the great picture.there. There are many tombs to visit, a special ticket is necessary for the tomb of Toutankhamon. Excluded the splendid murals in certain tombs and the study of the particular construction as of the these tombs, one does not have to expect to see other thing.

To obviously finish the visit by the valley of the queens and most beautiful of all, the temple dedicated to the queen Hatchesoupt " Deir el Bahari ".

Climate : 41°

Purchases : Tee-shirt, in the town of Louxor, good market and good quality.     return map


See the temple built by Ptolémée VI, the hieroglyphes are coarser there, one is into full greek period and well far from the smoothness with the Egyptians. The temple is nevertheless interesting, one can in particular see a vault " of the boat there " and on the southern external wall, the large calendar giving the names and the dates of all the festivals organized in this temple.

Climate : 41°

Purchases : Beautiful cotton fabrics     return map


Temple in a very good state of conservation, immense, it is the second after Karnak, almost the ideal place to make there its more beautiful photographs of voyage if there were not as much world!

Click on the label for the great picture.The court still preserves a very beautiful pavement.

The first hypostyle room it, preserved its roof what enables us to see how were enlightened the temples.

If one likes to walk, the temple offers a beautiful extent to go to discovered from all its rooms, all its hieroglyphes and to discover with the wire of its drawings the history of God Horus falcon, the Hathor Goddess and their Ihy child.

Climate : 41°

Possibility of ballade in the barouche, price of the ballade to negotiating well at the beginning if you want to avoid the surprises on arrival and even there...     return map


Click on the label for the great picture.Splendid temple which emerges suddenly from the banks of the Nile, only temple where one accosts by boat, it is one marvellous moment, almost feeric.

Certain columns preserved their colors of origins. Several Pharaons built this temple and one can the adminer on the reliefs of the first and second room.

One will be able to also see a table representing the surgical intruments time in the second corridor.

Climate 45°

We will leave behind us the vegetation to enter the universe of the rock, arid landscape, we begin our descent towards Assouan, old Nubie.     return map


2 reasons to stop there, there is of course the discovery of Abou Simbel, but as very the very beautiful Click on the label for the great picture.temple of Philae " the pearl of Egypt ", as it is by its legend or for the fact that it is an island, its visit is enchanteress and one would spend the hours there. To make the visit in day, to impregnate well places and of its history and to return the evening for the sound and light. One will discover another image of Philae and one will have the strange impression that the phantoms of the past are well there, that Isis and Osiris returned well and that finally one will let them live their beautiful history of love...

Climate : 45°     return map


Click on the label for the great picture.We will take an interior flight for us to return there. It is known that one will discover there something of fascinating as well by his history as by his rescue, but in spite of that one remains still surprised and dazzled per such an amount of beauty. Interior paintings are there still of a great freshness. We can see there, a such comic strip, the battle of Kadesh was held under our eyes.
To go until Naos (the Holy of Holies) to see there the 4 statues cut in the rock and that the sun lights with the summer solstice and the winter solstice.

Climate : H O T !    return map

We will continue our voyage after this splendid cruising by a stop at sea red.


Old small village of fishermen, become today a high place of the diving.

Click on the label for the great picture.Very beautiful hotel borders the coast and it is very easy to go to the village by shuttles. Very good place to buy tee-shirt or jewels there.
If not for the amateurs of underwater funds, each hotel has its club of diving and if one does not speak there French, one can always address oneself to the close hotel, nothing will not be able to prevent you from going to see small fish of all the colors and if you are wise, even the dolphins will come to say to you hello.

Climate : 34°    return map


Ah! here they are finally pyramids, Kheops, Kephren and Mykerinos.

Click on the label for the great picture.We will go down in that from Kephren, curved and under a lead heat!

The visit has at the same time a taste amusing and mysterious, but y one expects to see something, it inside is lost, it does not have nothing there to see. The fact remains that if one is interested in the purely architectural context then there, it is a treat! Its and laser French light certain days.

We will leave our 3 wonders to sand, to return to us to the museum antiquities, which will offer a fabulous collection to us, with in particular the splendid treasures discovered by Carter in the tomb of Click on the label for the great picture.Touthankamon. We stand gaping front of such an amount of wonders, all shines, all allured and one lets oneself carry by all his splendours of the past.

If you have time, made a small pharaonic visit at the village, it is a reconstitution of old Egypt animated by actors and that one visits in the boat, sailing on channels bordered of papyrus, a true recreation.
    return map

Period: July

Climate : 36°

Pharmacy : MOSQUITO!

Purchases : The souk, with all its knick-knack in any kind.

Otherwise, many shops of papyrus of good quality.     return map

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