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Visit Salsomaggiore Terme

Visiter Salsomaggiore en Français

See that in Salsomaggiore?

the gastronomy, the music, the sport

principal distances around Salsomaggiore Terme

Informations about the city of Salsomaggiore

Visit Salsomaggiore city the Thermal BerzieriLong time ago, when the sea retreated to make way for the Po Valley, a small saltwater lake was born. Rich in iodine, bromine, sulfur and calcium in the waters of the lake quickly unveiled their virtues. Known by the Celts, then the Romans, these waters have always been coveted by various lords who succeeded in the territory of Emilia Romagna. We do not fight for land, but for the riches of his basement.

Visit Salsomaggiore city the hot stone massageIt is in the middle of the nineteenth century that a doctor named Berzieri, highlighting his experiences on the virtues of water Salsomaggiore Terme, he creates the termal medicine, with an excellent ambassador, who will be the Grand Duchess Marie Louise of Austria, which will create a fashion among the aristocracy of the time. Salsomaggiore Terme becomes a spa town famous throughout Europe.

And in fact, the arrived at Salsomaggiore Terme don't leaves no visitor indifferent. Indeed the termal centre Berzieri Visit Salsomaggiore city the Thermal Berzieri and the fresquesdating from 1923, is in itself a monument, erected on the elegantly place of the same name. With a Liberty style, the imposing building is an architectural masterpiece of the first plan. The marble, the profusion of gold used in the decorations, the frescoes that cover the walls, where the flora and fauna mingle gracefully make a place magical. Difficult to imagine that you are in a spa. The visitor would be more likely to think that he enters the palace of a sultan. And yet, we are at the centre of a large spa who treat problems like among circulatory problems, gynaecological, respiratory, rheumatism, but where you can also make aesthetic treatments and wellness with the hydro massage, baths with sea water or sludge, the treatment of cellulite, rejuvenaAtion, beauty and much more.    top page

Visit Salsomaggiore city the gardenBut what there are in the water of Salsomaggiore Terme ? First of all, water is extracted from wells to a depth of 800 to 1200 with a temperature of 16 ° C and a density of 16 ° Baumé C is 150g of salt per liter of water and high percentages of sodium chloride, iodide and bromide, but also many other elements greatly expanding the therapeutic effects.

But Salsomaggiore Terme is also a city beyond the water. It is like the famous thermal baths Berzieri she is elegant. So it's nice to walk the day and the night. Enjoy its squares, its cafes, its gardens, do shopping and discover the city.

Here are some must-see buildings:

The palace style neo-medieval Lombard Warowland Gallery, where now stands the tourist office, it is located right next to the thermal centre Berzieri. It was built in 1914 on the project of the architect Orsino Bongi.

Visit Salsomaggiore city gabbia del Pozzo ScottiThe Gabbia del Pozzo Scotti which was created in 1912 to cover the watercraft salsobromoiodique, which was drilled in 1864. Its structure is wrought iron and glass, surrounded by braided branches and leaves This well is located opposite the termal centre Berzieri.

The Duomo San Vitale with its 30m high dome and 19m in diameter. It was built in 1927 to cope with the influx of tourists coming in the termal centre. Below the church, the crypt dedicated to Saint Mary of the Graces.

Visit Salsomaggiore city the congressThe congress: initially a luxury hotel of the Ritz family, this building opened in 1901 became in 1965 the property of the city of Salsomaggiore who made it a convention centre. What makes the visiAt interesting is that it allows you to see remarkable rooms of the old building. If the congress is modern, it has preserved the architecture and decoration of the original building. Rooms are beautiful to see, like the Moorish living room which served of decorations to scenes Bertolucci film The Last Emperor.

Visit Salsomaggiore city the church san VitaleWe note inside the convention centre the presence of the palaeontology museum located on the 3rd floor who preserves important pieces as fossil, tracing the history of the Padano basin.

Another curiosity is the station. This is a mini reproduction of the Milan station, with arch shaped windows overlooking the square and a decor inspired by the water.    top page

And for lovers of music, food and sports, Salsomaggiore Terme at this level, has all the cards to allow you a pleasant stay.

Visit Salsomaggiore city the parmesan reggianoMusic side: do not forget that Verdi was born a couple of kilometers away, the music is therefore part and parcel of the city with its theater dating of 1942 and its 764 seats, a place that holds regular major musical events, receiving the greatest artists.

Gastronomy side : it is worth remembering that we are very close to the production sites of the famous Parmesan and Parma ham. The kitchen has therefore a very important place in Salsomaggiore Terme and stay to combine the culture and cuisine will delight you.

Visit Salsomaggiore city the golfSport side : all sports are practiced here, swimming, biking, motocross, the wellness like the fitness. But golf is in the spotlight, with 70ha of greenery to 360 mt. slm on the hills surrounding the city, 18 holes with undulating fairways and fast greens, allowing each to change and envolve his game, whatever its levelA

Sinners are not in left with the practice of sport fishing with a natural lake guaranteeing the purity of the water. It is repopulated with fish such as sturgeon, the carp, the catfish, the trout. The lake is open all year except in January. During the summer months, it is possible to go fishing at night.Visit Salsomaggiore city sport fishing

The artistics and sports facilities, the termal centres, the shows, the events held regularly.

The hotels of excellent categories, the good food and a territory with a rich heritage.

Really nothing missing in this city, making of Salsomaggiore Terme a city focused on the health, the wellness and all the pleasures.    top page


You need more informations about the city of Salsomaggiore, contact: info@itinerairesbis.com    top page

Principal distances around Salsomaggiore Terme :

Visit Salsomaggiore city Church San VitaleFidenza with its Outlet Village for the shopaholics: 10km north-east of the city

Soragna and the Parmesan Museum: 21km northeast of the city

Busseto, the town of Verdi, a little gem: 25km north of the city

Parma: 34km southeast of the city

Langhirano and the ham Museum: for the website, click here
50km south-east of the city    top page

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