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Basilica San Petronio, Palazzo dell' Archiginnasio,

Medieval Museum, Two Towers, Palate of Mercanzia, the Abbey of Santo Stefano

Santuario della Madonna di San Luca

Visit San Colombano museum (in French)

Map of sights of the city of Bologna

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Informations about the city of Bologna

Hotel in Bologna 

Click to enlargeThe first time that we saw Bologna, we were immediately allured. The night had already fallen and it is thus avoided of its lights, such of the brilliant jewels of thousand fires, that Bologna was presented to us. Protected by the arcades from the city, whose extent approaches the 40 km, we arrive Piazza Maggiore heart of the city. Surrounded by buildings like the Palate of the Notaries, the Palate of PodestaClick to enlarge, the Palate of Bianci, the Palate of Accursio, or the Basilica of San Petronio, wrapped by the night, this place with it only, is already a wonder of architecture whose construction for certain buildings goes back to the Middle Ages, and whose XVIeme century added there not only rehandlings, but also of new palates.

Click to enlargeBut the hour is not with the visit, we were in fact in the search of a restaurant. Because if Bologna has a history which goes back to mists of time, this one were not done without the gastromomy, which makes that the city has the nickname of “fatty city”, so much one eats there well. Also, was necessary for us it to test that as of our arrival! And, believe us, the city largely deserves this reputation, we regaled ourselves! Thus, the next morning, were us ready to discover a city, which takes care it of the evening, had already started to be made wish.    top of the page

Click to enlargeBut, as there are things to see! It was difficult to imagine how much Bologna abounded in richnesses. The ideal point for a departure of visit is obviously Piazza Maggiore, where you will find in addition, the tourist bureau. All the buildings which are on this place do not visit, or on very rare occasion. Only, theClick to enlarge Basilica of San Petronio, built as from 1390 will be able to accommodate you. The luminous interior, shelters frescos of XVeme century, several rather remarkable vaults and the tomb of Elisa Bonaparte. But you will be able to see also there the sundial longest of the world in an interior, since it makes 67 m and date of XVIIeme. On this same place, all beside the fountain of Neptune of XVIeme, you will find Salaborsa where you will be able to enter, to throw a small glance on the ground of glass which protects from the Roman vestiges. This building is today a library of most modern. What leads us to speak to you about “Bologna, the erudite one”. Because it is here that is born the first university from Europe with the neighborhoods of the year 1100 and who more is, a university independent of the capacity of the church.    top of the page

Click to enlargeThis is why a visit in Palazzo dell' Archiginnasio is advised. Passed its door, you will have the impression to go on a journey in time. Students will flow from whole Europe, fascinated by this city which offers a university out of the commun run for the time. The heraldic escutcheons, the inscriptions, are as many testimonys left by the students whoClick to enlarge taught in this university. The place is frankly remarkable and a visit of the theater of anatomy is worth displacement. Imagine the capacity of this university, where it was authorized to practice dissections on corpses, thing which was strictly elsewhere prohibited. And one of the things even more attractive is the respect and the admiration which the students with their professors dedicated. With died of the latter, tombs out of the commun run were drawn up, of which much is still visible, such as for example, outside San Domenico.    top of the page

Click to enlargeBut to supplement this visit, it will be necessary to go to the medieval museum, to admire tomb stones and other fragments of sarcophagi and to read through them, a whole history which remains enthralling still today. But it should be noted that the museum contains other parts, not having a bond with the university but not less Click to enlargenot stripped interests like sculptures, bronzes, a room of weapons, paintings, which make spout out their windows, all the magnificence of the flourishing Middle Ages, showing the power, the knowledge and the talent of a city like Bologna.     top of the page

Click to enlargeBut during our visit of the city, at each one of our steps, leaving an arcade, our glance is fixed towards the sky where 2 towers point which one cannot not see. They are the Two Towers, emblem of the city. If one is never visited because not completed, the second, of 97 m height, will enable you, if you are courageous and in form, to contemplate Bologna all its height, but attention, 498 steps await you there. Very at side you will be able to see another beautiful building of the city, the Palate of MercanziaClick to enlarge of XIVeme century, and while continuing on via Santo Stefano by leaving the turns behind you, you will arrive at another curiosity that Bologna conceals, the Abbey of Santo Stefano which is in fact a crowned whole of 7 churches of which is a counterpart of Holy Sepulchre. The church of St Jean Baptiste has a cloister Benedictine of the XI and XIIeme century. The unit was called “Holy Jerusalem”, since it had been conceived to point out the Passion of Christ. While continuing it via Santo Stefano you will arrive at the ramparts of the city of the XII and XIIIeme. Of course, there remain only someClick to enlarge vestiges here and there. But it should be known that 7600 m surrounded the 400 ha which the new boroughs represented.    top of the page

Our day of visit finishes, the night fall and we think that, all these discoveries, that digs a little and that my faith… you see where we want to come from there… a good restaurant could help us to take forces. Thus, Click to enlargethis second evening enables us it to make still more knowledge with the kitchen bolognaise, but we will not be delayed too much, because this evening there we will discover “Inferno di Bologna”, a course in the undergrounds of the city, because even under ground, the city has still secrecies to Click to enlargedivide. Each Friday with 20:30 (to be checked near the tourist office), a spectacle is held under ground. The public is then the spectator of a strange story because the torrent Aposa guard jealously a tragic history that one will tell you in the light of the candles and at the rhythm of a music, assured environment… But it is as necessary to know as Bologna has channels and that it is possible to make there of “the urban rafting”, Sundays and Wednesdays, another rather strange way to discover the city.    top of the page

Click to enlargeThe following day, the sun is with go, in spite of a freshness which announces already the arrival of the winter, but the arcades of Bologna protects with wonder the passers by and we thus benefit from this day to make a very important thing… shopping. Bologna is not only one town of history and art, but also a smart city, where the shops allure you with their attracting and elegant windows. Just like these galleries where more the famous brands elected residence.Click to enlarge Moreover, by observing the inhabitants, you will notice that they all are very elegant. Moreover, Bologna not being very a big city, shopping only becomes more pleasant about it. And, Click to enlargeobviously, the products of the soil them also, found a place in our large basket! And when you fill your day just like your basket well, you will be able to settle with a terrace to taste aperitif made in Bologna, i.e., an aperitif dînatoire… and yes in Bologna if one does not make delicious… one cannot make.

But there remained to us a thing to make before leaving this admirable city, it was to return to us to the Basilica ofClick to enlarge St Luc to admire famous Madone there, that the legend allots to St Luc. The sanctuary was carried out between 1723 and 1757 substitute thus the church of XVeme century. A gantry links the long sanctuary at the city of almost 4km, comprising 666 arches and 15 vaults, with a unevenness of 220m. One needs courage to traverse this distance, but once in front of the icon of the Virgin Mary, the pleasure of admiring it is then a beautiful reward. Attention, to get information well for the visits, because they are impossible during the offices.Click to enlarge    top of the page

Obviously and unfortunately, we did not see all of Bologna, the city contains very interesting museums so much, this is why we invite you to discover them by this link : www.museums-of-bologna     top of the page

And now ! Bologna and us, it's an affair of the heart !

A destination to be discovered without fault, because Bolgone can combine culture andgastronomy, authenticity and tradition.

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Large thanks to Giorgia Zabbini of the tourist office of Bologna

and to Gabriele Bernardo for its enthralling visit of the undergrounds

parking sign limited traffic zoneTO KNOW


Traffic is strictly regulated ZTL (Traffic Zone Limited in the historic center of Bologna ... the violation are very high (about 80 €, see more!) ... Use public car parks outside these areas

Map of Bologna car parks: www.comune.bologna.it/trasporti/servizi/2:2983/5497/

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You need more informations about the city of Bologna, contact: info@itinerairesbis.com

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Click to enlargeBut you will find also an office of tourime at the station and the airport.

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